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Benefits of water plants

Aquatic plants are an excellent addition to any koi pond. Aquatic plants, in fact, help increase oxygen production in the water which in turn helps to keep the pond properly aerated for koi. Water plants also provide shade to the koi and goldfish and provide natural 'filtration' by absorbing harmful nitrates.

We offer a variety of floating, shallow-water and submersible plants when they are in season and available from our local supplier:  Waterlillies, Aztec Arrowhead, Horsetail Rush, Umbrella Palm, Dwarf Umbrella Palm, Swamp Mallow, Parrot's Feather, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and many more!

Dynadirt (aquatic plant soil), plant/fish barriers (floating nets) for your floating plants, and planting baskets are available in our store as well.

We're dedicated to mastering the art of koi ponds and water gardens.

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