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We're dedicated to mastering the art of koi ponds and water gardens.

Prices for fish vary by size, color, and availability.

Our koi prices typically range from $20-$300 and our

goldfish prices can range from $16-$35.

Please visit our store for exact pricing of our koi and goldfish.

Our Koi

Everyone who has koi loves watching them swim through caves and waterfalls, feeding them, and even naming them! Koi come in a variety of sizes and color patterns. At Kol Koi Pondscapes, we carry a variety of standard and butterfly koi. The koi at our store come directly from Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery.  We have continually been impressed by the high-quality koi we receive from them!

After a new shipment arrives, we quarantine our koi for 2 weeks.  This helps us insure that you are receiving happy, healthy fish for your pond.

Knowing the difference between all of the variations and varieties of koi can be quite the undertaking.  To help, use this link:  Koi Variety GuidefromBlue Ridge Fish Hatchery.

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