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A perfectly sunlit backyard pond is a true thing of beauty, but there is really no reason why you have to restrict your enjoyment of the pond to daylight hours. Lighting can be effectively used to enhance the natural beauty of your pond and yard, which improves safety and extends your enjoyment into the evening and nighttime hours.

We recommend a low-voltage system for two reasons. A 12-volt system is safe. This is particularly important around water. Second, a 12-volt system offers a very wide range of lighting levels. This ensures the outdoor lighting for your backyard is as customizable as possible.


Kol Koi Pondscapes uses some simple, but highly effective, lighting techniques to make you garden and pond look amazing. For instance:

Up Lighting - By placing fixtures in the ground or close to it and directing them to point upwards creates a dramatic effect. By creating the exact opposite effect of sunlight we can accentuate textures and details in plants and structures.
Front Lighting – One outdoor lighting tactic we like to use at Kol Koi Pondscapes is positioning lighting in front of fixtures and directing the light directly towards the object. This creates a very powerful focal point for the area.
Down Lighting – We can hang or mount lighting above objects to achieve a very natural look by mimicking sunlight.
Back Lighting – Directing light at fixtures from behind them can have a powerful effect with intense results by revealing strong shapes and form. Texture and details are again lost with this type of lighting, but the effect is very dramatic.

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Pond Lighting

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