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Carnivorous Plants

We have Venus Flytraps, American pitcher plants, and Sarracenias. These plants do well in full sun and bog type environments. While the carnivorous plants would be a great addition to your pond, they also make great container plants. 

Keep reading for tips on caring for your carnivorous plants!

Planting Carnivorous Plants
CONTAINER: plastic, ceramic, glazed clay, even wooden lined in plastic;
Preferably container without drainage.
If container has drain hole it needs to sit in saucer of water treated for
SOIL: plain sphagnum peat moss and washed sand such as for children’s
sandbox. Perlite can be used instead of sand. One part sand to three parts peat
Fill container with soil mix. Add water. Stir. It takes time for the soil to absorb the
water. Add more water as needed until consistency of mud.
This is suitable for American pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, and other bog plants.
Place potted plants in an area receiving at least five hours of sun.