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A properly installed and functioning water feature will only need periodic

minor maintenance and a few light cleanings to keep it going. In fact, the properly

installed water feature will require less upkeep than a similarly sized section of lawn! A

lot of confusion exists on the proper cleaning schedule for a water feature. The reason for 

the confusion is that there are so many types and sizes of water features that one schedule

doesn’t work for all ponds.
Over time, leaves and various yard debris will fall into the pond and need removal. Surface skimming whenever possible is a great idea; this prevents the debris from sinking to the bottom of the pond and decaying. You will inevitably miss some debris, but that’s ok. During the fall, a leaf net to prevent all the tree leaves from getting into the pond is highly recommended.

Many people recommend a yearly clean out. Often this entails removing all the fish and plants and completely draining the pond and removing all the accumulated debris. This is a time consuming process, and if you get outside help, it becomes a costly process too. If you find that your pond just isn't as clean as you want it to be, we can help!  Contact us and we can give you a quote and recommendations for what it would take to get your pond looking beautiful again!

We're dedicated to mastering the art of koi ponds and water gardens.

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Pond Clean Outs